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A simple example of a picture uploader that asynchronously
resizes the pictures via an AMQP queue.

Author: Yoan Blanc <yoan@@dosimple.ch>
License: MIT

Installing it

 * Install python libraries:

   $ easy_install webob
   $ easy_install paste
   $ git clone git://github.com/greut/jessica.git
   $ cd jessica
   $ python setup.py install

 * create the directories:
   $ mkdir tmp
   $ mkdir -p pictures/thumb
   $ mkdir -p pictures/medium
   $ mkdir -p pictures/original

 * get RabbitMQ running

   * download: http://www.rabbitmq.com/server.html
   * untar
   * move into
   $ make run

Running it

 * run the image resizer

   $ python consumer.py

 * run the web application

   $ python wsgi.py

 * and try it: http://localhost:8080/

That's all folks!

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