Simple game. Sparklingtail should eat all mushrooms.

For moving sparklingtail use keyboard or joystick.


Copyright 2013 Grigoriy Tretyakov <>

This code is placed in the Public Domain.


I borrowed from Richard Jones (pygame-tutorial)


I'm not going to develop this game, may be a little bugfix.

I wanted rewrite code and make it as state machine, then make parent class for states and put all common code to that class. But then I realised I should be make my own game engine similar to cocos2d. This is not my goal now, I just want to make simple games and have fun of it. Also I want to learn how to make games, but do not want polish code of my first games infinitely.

At last I also want to improve my english, so I will be write comments and texts in english despite how lame it is. I hope it will be better eventually.