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WinMerge 3

WinMerge 3 is a port of WinMerge ( to use cross-platform
with Qt ( framework. This project is still in very early

WinMerge 3 is LGPL licensed open source software. GPL license is included in
file COPYING and LGPL license is in file COPYING.LESSER. More information about
these licenses is available at


WinMerge can be compiled with:
- Visual Studio 2005 or later
- GCC 4
- Qt 4.5 or later

WinMerge uses Qt's qmake to manage projects. To create makefiles you'll need to
run command:

> qmake -recursive

in shell/command prompt. To create VS project files, run:

> qmake -recursive -tp vc

in Visual Studio command prompt.

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