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Why WinMerge 3?

WinMerge 3 is a fresh start for the WinMerge project. Since the creation of WinMerge 1.x/2.x computing environment has changed radically. And despite the hard work done with WinMerge 2.x it is evident it is easier to start fresh than try to modify the current codebase to match new needs.

What WinMerge 3 will be?

WinMerge 3 will be modern compare/synchronization tool. It will be based on Qt library and cross-platform. You can use the same tool in Windows and in Linux.

WinMerge will not be just WinMerge 2 with new GUI. There will be radical changes in how WinMerge works and how it looks. Many features won't be available anymore and new features will be added.

People involved

Following people have shown interest in this new WinMerge development:

  • Dean Grimm (grimmdp ) - project lead
  • Kimmo Varis (kimmov ) - lead developer, documenting etc etc
  • Tim Gerundt (gerundt ) - Webmaster, installer, documentation

How to get involved?

Interested in working with WinMerge? Go and post to our forums or mailing lists.


There are couple of preferred ways to submit your changes for inclusion:

  • pull request from your personal clone
  • Mercurial bundle files
  • patch files - in Mercurial patch format to keep the author info etc.

Pull request from your personal clone (in BB or other public server) is the easiest and fastest way to get your changes included.