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WinMerge / Key_Features

Key Features

This is a list of key features which WinMerge 3.x should support:


These are the most important things to have:

  • simple folder compare / synchronization
  • Compare two files in side by side panes
  • Highlighting of differences (lines) in the file viewer
  • Easy difference navigation
  • Open dialog with file selectors
  • Cross-platform support
  • Unicode files support
  • Localizable interface (using Qt localization system)
  • Command line support, which gives us some ability to do some simple integration

Optional / Later

  • Editable content in file compare
  • Filtering (in folder compare for items, in file compare for lines / diffs)
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Folder compare
  • Advanced editor features
  • Source control integration
    • kimmov : I'm only interested in offering WinMerge as compare/merge tool for other programs - meaning we'd have flexible command line interface for such use
  • Zip support?
  • Binary editor?
  • Sub-line differences?
    • kimmov : This is tricky even if we use implementation from WinMerge 2.x. I'd leave it for later.
  • Document navigator pane?
    • kimmov : This also might be a bit tricky at first.