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Release Plan

See also Key Features listing in higher level what we estimate stable releases will contain.

First testing builds

We'll start publishing testing builds as soon as possible. Meaning once we have something working that we aren't too embarrassed to publish. We continue doing these regular testing builds until we reach the level of first stable release (3.0). Testing builds version numbers start from 2.90.0.


Very first published build:

  • LibXDiff integration
  • file compare showing two files side by side
  • selecting files to compare via dialog (no folder compare to use)
  • visual highlighting of differences (in line level)
  • diff navigation (go to first/last/next/previous)
  • diff merging (merge to left/right)
  • no file editing (meaning we don't refresh the results by edits done)
  • saving changed files


  • editing of files
  • simple folder compare
  • translations support
  • Unicode files support
  • command line support