Gabi Davar

Gabi Davar

Gabi Davar pushed 11 commits to grizzlynyo/premake-dev

f5e8639 - Treat linker warnings as errors when FatalWarnings is set
4b0a994 - Remove MSC /MANIFEST and /INCREMENTAL flags; are already the default values
5eb806b - Add /DLL switch when building shared libs with MSC
9a98bf8 - Allow implib… fields to control linking names for all target kinds
22bdc2d - Move path.normalize() to native code for performance
Gabi Davar

Gabi Davar pushed 57 commits to grizzlynyo/premake-dev

00502ee - Split VC 2010 link entries out for easier overriding
f0d7e0e - Add command line options to filter terms for configurations
cb1b849 - Handle trees based at the root of the filesystem
e1476c8 - For convenience, allow nil arguments to some table functions
d256e5f - Write scripts.c to right location even when called from a different working directory