yarb - Yet another RPG board


Copyright (C) 2016 Michal Grochmal

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First of all thanks for the people at the Birkbeck College London to make me play RPG once again. The fact that i needed an electronic board is the main and only reason i wrote it.

Many thanks for the community of the wesnoth game. Given the fact that i draw (very) badly their art was indispensable. Thanks especially to the fact that they decided to license all the art under GPL, allowing spinouts (like this one) to reuse the sprites.


  • Build the Test system properly, add at least some unit tests for each micro library.
  • Modify several of the micro-libraries to allow for easier testing (e.g. add meaningful return values even for functions that do not need to return anything).
  • Try a div with hidden overflow instead of building the board directly in the body of the document. This might look better on mobile.