This is a sample project to showcase ActionViews. ActionViews are custom views you can use within the ActionBar.

This demo makes use of ActionBarCompat and thus you have to add ActionBarCompat as a project dependency.

This demo and some of the acompanying blog posts were originally written with ActionBarSherlock in mind. I have migrated the code to ActionBarCompat with the last commit. I recommend to use ActionBarCompat for all new projects and to consider migrating to ActionBarCompat for existing projects!

Note: You might have to clean your project to get rid of Lint warnings and errors.

Most important classes

For using the SearchView see together with the menu file menu_fragment_searchview.xml.

If you want to inline replace an ActionBar item refer to and the accompanying menu definition in menu_fragment_placeholder.xml.

To understand the preexpanded layout see together with the menu xml definition in menu_fragment_expandable.xml.

Finally if you're interested in expandable Action Items you should look at and the menu xml definition in menu_fragment_expandable.xml.


Example Image

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Warning: Generated codebase

Please note: I have created the core of this sample using a custom generator. I'm going to publish many samples when writing blog posts and want to keep my work for those as focused as possible. The generator helps me achieve this even if it means that some code might seem a bit odd. I always refer to the relevant classes at the beginning of this README file.

tl;dr: Do not copy without thinking - should go without saying, but it's better to mention it once more!

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Thanks to all my readers and blog commenters. Your feedback helps me to stay on track and to go on with projects like this.

Special thanks also to the Android crowd on G+. You're an awesome crowd. I have gained many insights by reading posts there, by following links to blog posts or by discussions on G+!

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