Add headers to the interface

Issue #50 resolved
Waldir Pimenta
created an issue

having "table" headers saying "user", "edits" and "talk page", fixed to the top (right under the tabs and the filter-bar) would make the interface much more intuitive at first glance, wouldn't take up much space, and would make images such as nice, but not mandatory. Good interfaces should be self-explanatory ;)

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  1. halfak

    You have a good point, but I'm hesitant to permanently cover prime screen real-estate with headers that don't scroll away. I'm considering adding the headers inside the scrollable space so that they'll be present at the top of the list, but disappear as soon as you start scrolling. Does that sound reasonable?

  2. Waldir Pimenta reporter

    Would it be possible to line up the divisions in the headers with the actual column divisions? That would make it more obvious that they correspond to them.

    Also, the headers' background color is a little too dim to make them stand out; I'd use a brighter grey, but it's not a big deal.

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