Records and prints things I did and that are TODO.

The database of such things is a text file at ~/.did.


$ ln -sf ~/bin/did

$ did Added did project to repository
Wed 2013.01.09
- 08:42 Added did project to repository

$ did -y
Nothing for Tue 2013.01.08

$ did -h

Keeps track of what I've done gone and did

USAGE: [OPTS] [Stuff I've done]

Without args, print what I've done today (or yesterday, if nothing),
otherwise, add a task to today, and then print.

If the [Stuff I've done] argument is a single integer, it is treated
as one of the numbered TODO list items, which is removed from the TODO
list to the specified day's doings.

  -y    Pretend it's yesterday (use multiply to back up further)
  -2    Operate on the TODO list rather than a did list
  -1    Operate on the PROJECTS list of big-project TODOs
  -l    Operate on a specified custom list
  -d N  Print N days of history  [1]
  -w    Back up one monday, and default -d to 7
  -e    Edit the .did file
  -a    Print all days
  -q    Dont print
  -s    Supress HH:MM timestamp on added tasks
  -f DB Specify alternate database DB  [~/.did]
  -m MN Rewind time MN minutes back
  -h    What what what?

FILES: ~/.did  The 'database'...