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 (that isn't Minecraft) evolves from what I've done so far, so much the
+Notes about some features
+### Web workers
+Terrain generation (and perhaps, eventually, loading) are offloaded to
+a web worker to take advantage of multiple cores and reduce ugly
+pauses in the game. There are still pauses when a new chunk is
+generated, probably due to lighting updates.
+### Load/save
+Forever poorly tested, load and save is implemented using the
+[Indexed Database API]( There's only
+one save slot as things stand.
+### Reticule
+The targeting reticule is a color-inverted cross at the middle of the
+viewport. It is implemented by drawing WebGL lines over the scene with
+the blending function `gl.blendFunc(gl.ONE_MINUS_DST_COLOR, gl.ZERO)`.
+Planned features
+### Head bob
+Based on field tests, it appears the MC head bob moves the camera
+sinusoidally left and right of center about 1/16 m, and up an down at
+around the same amplitude, or perhaps a bit less (but, as logic would
+dictate, at double the frequency). The POV camera moves smoothly back
+to the fixed position when motion stops, in perhaps 1/2 sec, and much
+quicker in the reverse direction.
+The wavelength of the stride seems to be about 3m (per left + right