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ProgressQuest v6.3


Requires Delphi 6.

Requires the package in to be installed in Delphi, or
decompress the .obj files from there into this, the project, directory.


Converted to Mercurial on 1/12/2010 & sent to ; development will continue from
there. If at all. Source opened 5/20/11. The world ends tomorrow anyway.

This project represents an ex post facto rendering of pq6 in its
various versions in version control, so that changes will be trackable

(I didn't add this README file in PQ 6.0, but after that you can use
this README to trace the checkin history using version control.)

Subversion revsion numbers vs. versions:

* r321 v6.3 as I found it after a couple years of inactivity
* r320 v6.2 probably as released, though I'm not totally sure
* r318 v6.2 but probably a slightly older version
* r317 v6.1
* r313 v6.0


The in-browser edition: this project, ported to JavaScript/HTML

Recent activity

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