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Release 0.4

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+Version 0.4, 8 December 2007:
+* Packaged from revision 122 in Subversion.
+* Added Greek translation.
+* Added Russian translation.
+* Changed ``maxlength`` to ``max_length`` now that Django issues a
+  deprecation warning for it.
+* BACKWARDS-INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Changed the password validation to be
+  on ``clean()`` instead of ``clean_password2()``. This means that
+  errors from this must be accessed via ``non_field_errors()``.
 Version 0.3p5, 6 October 2007:
 * First packaged version using distutils.
-* Added docs/ directory and overview. 
+* Added docs/ directory and overview. 

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 you'll need to do so. You can download a packaged version of the
 latest release here::
-    http://django-registration.googlecode.com/files/registration-0.3.tar.gz
+    http://django-registration.googlecode.com/files/registration-0.4.tar.gz
 Open up the package (on most operating systems you can double-click,
-or you can use the command ``tar zxvf registration-0.3.tar.gz`` to
+or you can use the command ``tar zxvf registration-0.4.tar.gz`` to
 manually unpack it), and, at a command line, navigate to the directory
-``registration-0.3``, then type:
+``registration-0.4``, then type:
     python setup.py install
-The `latest released version`_ of this application is 0.3, and is
+The `latest released version`_ of this application is 0.4, and is
 quite stable; it's already been deployed on a number of sites,
 including djangoproject.com. You can also obtain the absolute freshest
 code from `a Subversion checkout`_, but be warned that the code in SVN
 may not always be backwards-compatible, and may well contain bugs that
 haven't yet been fixed.
-This document covers the 0.3 release of django-registration; new
+This document covers the 0.4 release of django-registration; new
 features introduced in Subversion will be added to the documentation
 at the time of the next packaged release.
 the column. Consult your database's documentation for the correct way
 to handle this.
+Between version 0.3 and version 0.4, validation of the password fields
+was moved from ``clean_password2()`` to ``clean_password()``; this
+means that errors from mismatched passwords will now show up in
+``non_field_errors()`` instead of ``errors["password2"]``.
 The only dependency for this application is a recent **SVN checkout**
 of Django; this application is tracking Django's development trunk,
 and has evolved to accomodate some changes which happened after the
-Django 0.96 release, so a stock copy of 0.96 will not work. If you
-need to use this application with Django 0.96, replace all uses of
-``cleaned_data`` with ``clean_data``.
-Due to use of the ``newforms`` library, this application cannot work
-with Django 0.95.
+Django 0.96 release, so a stock copy of 0.96 will not work.
 What this application does not do

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-      version='0.3p6',
+      version='0.4',
       description='User-registration application for Django',
       author='James Bennett',