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One great feature that would vastly increase the potential lifespan of the game would be an option for adding custom tilesets, like the one I made:

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  1. Alex Koz

    Totally agree.
    Also I already have a Resource Package Editor in plans.

    But there some additional questions:

    Custom Tileset should override builtin tiles or add new extra tiles? Overriding is capable with original game. Adding - isn't but more powerful and very complicated.

    As player, am I can play any level with custom tileset? Is it needed? I think maybe or no. But it's possible if custom tilesets is compatible with original ones and overrides they.

  2. ZuTheSkunk reporter

    I think that in the long run, having new tilesets be added as opposed to overriding the old ones would be much more beneficial. At best, it could be noted in the editor that any levels made for new tilesets will not be compatible with the original release.

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