Sylvain Thénault avatar Sylvain Thénault committed f5b36af

closes #69950: Tests failing due to 'column offset' changes in 744

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         """manage message of different types, and colorize output
         using ansi escape codes
-        module, obj, line = location[1:]
+        module, obj, line, _ = location[1:]
         if module not in self._modules:
             color, style = self._get_decoration('S')
             if module:
         msg = colorize_ansi(msg, color, style)
         sigle = colorize_ansi(sigle, color, style)
         self.writeln('%s:%3s%s: %s' % (sigle, line, obj, msg))
     def add_message(self, msg_id, location, msg):
         """manage message of different type and in the context of path """
-        fpath, module, object, line = location
+        fpath, module, object, line, _ = location
         self.message_ids[msg_id] = 1
         if object:
             object = ':%s' % object
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