Original description

 Xgone locks the screen until the current user's password  is
 entered.  While waiting, it displays a message telling where
 the person went and when they started the program and  moves
 this  text  around  the screen to avoid burning them in at a
 particular location.


  • Applied two classic Usenet patches to the original Usenet source from 1990
  • Fixed the source code for compilation and use on current Linux distributions, Unices, X11 distributions and C-compilers
  • Include more information in the status message
  • Added pam-support for authentication
  • Removed security by obscurity feature



$ make
$ cp xgone $YOUR_PREFIX/bin


I appreciate feedback and comments:

Solaris notes

Didn't test it on many Solaris system. Just on one x86 Solaris 10 box. At this machine the pam service 'login' resulted in a subsystem error. But 'rlogin' worked.

Don't know if this is a local or generic problem of Solaris.

You can test different pam services with the supplied utility:

$ ./pam rlogin

Thus, if you have the same problem you have to change the service name in auth.c.