JQL query is not working in Control Freak Plugin

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Ashok G
created an issue

I'm facing the issue to implement the JQL query to validate the JIRA issue from control freak plugin even though the same JQL is working in JIRA , I just took from JIRA filters tab and pasted into plugin , but its not working , getting below exceptions .

my JQL : project = "FastIron" AND type = "Defect TRACKER"

Error :
emote: Control Freak - pre-receive failed: java.lang.RuntimeException: Bad JIRA HTTP POST=400 SENT={"fields":["status","assignee"],"validateQuery":false,"jql":"KEY IN(FI-191178)AND(project = "FastIron" and type = "Defect TRACKER")"} RECV={"errorMessages":["Unexpected character ('F' (code 70)): was expecting comma to separate OBJECT entries\n at [Source: org.apache.catalina.connector.CoyoteInputStream@56562b9b; line: 1, column: 95]"]}
remote: at com.bitbooster.hook.JiraUtil.query(JiraUtil.java:109)
remote: at com.bitbooster.hook.MyMergeCheckHook.jiraPolicyCheck(MyMergeCheckHook.java:1106)
remote: at com.bitbooster.hook.MyMergeCheckHook.validateChange(MyMergeCheckHook.java:559)
remote: at com.bitbooster.hook.MyMergeCheckHook.onReceive(MyMergeCheckHook.java:348)

Atlassian Bitbucket v5.13.1

Control Freak version : v. 2018.10.10

Could you please help me out to fix this .

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  1. bbgobie

    I had the same issue but we are on bitbucket < 5
    Was able to work around it by changing the JQL query to use single quotes instead of double.

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