Example Ruby Picky Playbooks

This repository contains everything needed to provision a simple multi-server Picky environment. Due to time constraints, this does not represent a fully secured/optimized/monitored deployment. It is enough to provide a reasonable start.


First, make sure you have ansible installed:

pip install ansible

You'll also need to grab Vagrant. Once you have both of these, you can provision a local test environment, consisting of two VMs:

vagrant up

Production deploys

Due to time constraints, instance creation is not included in this set of playbooks. So create your instances, then edit the ec2_hosts file. You'll also want to edit group_vars/picky_prod_clients, namely the picky_server_hostname (DNS this sucker). Then get the party started with:

ansible-playbook -i ec2_hosts production.yml


These playbooks are licensed under the BSD License. A copy is included in the repo as LICENSE.txt.