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  1. Frank Dellaert

Created a pull request on this branch from @Luca Carlone et al, mainly to see differences as well as ping Luca on resolving this 🙂

  • starting to add remove functionality in fixedLagSmoothers, test does not pass..
  • fixed unit test!
  • added remove functionality in BatchIncrementalSmoother with test
  • targets for unit tests
  • added print function to FixedLagSmoother::Result struct
  • added method to access isam2 results in incremental fixed lag smoother
  • added unit test for determinant in Bayes tree
  • added get to access gravity vector
  • Add jacobians to retract functions of Unit3 and OrientedPlane3
  • Specify key involved when throwing cheirality exception

Comments (9)

  1. Frank Dellaert author

    Toni, see my comment on commit. Also, test does not seem to succeed. When you do

    make testConcurrentIncrementalFilter.run

    do the tests succeed for you?

    1. Chris Beall

      I think this is because Bitbucket pipelines do not merge into develop before testing, and this branch predates PR #345. Merge develop into this branch to make it pass.
      Jenkins does merge if possible, and the test did pass there.