This "lib" is basically David Beazley's sample code for his talk at PyCon 2010, Understanding the Python GIL function to spin the CPU. The real point of the project is the test suite, which is basically a bunch of example code to demonstrate the effects of the Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) on different versions of Python.


David Beazley's various GIL-related materials are fantastic, engaging stuff, including his research into removing it. Since one of the Python implementations I use, Jython, doesn't have a GIL, I decided to run his examples on Jython and see what happens. Once I decided to do that, it made sense to turn the example code into a full-blown package so I could use tox to automate the process of running the different examples under just about any version of Python.


Installation is just a pip away:

$ pip install gilsplosion

But honestly, I'm not sure there's much benefit to doing this manually. The real jam is in letting tox automate the execution across different implementations.


Since this is just a repackaging of Dr. Beazley's sample code, I'm pretty sure he has the copyright to it. If there is anything I would have copyright on, I am licensing it under the 2-clause BSD license.