The Point

This is a simple example application for demonstrating some modern practices for managing your Python project: using pip to manage your dependencies, writing your docs in Sphinx, hosting your code on bitbucket, using Travis CI for continuous integration, hosting your docs on Read the Docs, running the actual service on Heroku, and publishing it on PyPI (see The Hitchhiker's Guide to Packaging for details).

The Implementation

The actual functionality of the app is straight-forward: it's a web application that displays a random Python tip every time you visit the page (properly attributed, of course). To power the site, I use Flask and SQLAlchemy.


NOTE: This is highly tentative. Any or all of these things may never happen, and certainly not in a timely fashion.

  • Redesign the site.
  • Package and publish the app to PyPI.
  • Write some decent docs and post them to Read the Docs.
  • Use pjax to request another random tip in-place.
  • Create an HTML5 app for smart phones.

Build Status

Build Status