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fix rpm build

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 	test -d $(RPMROOT)/SOURCES || mkdir -p $(RPMROOT)/SOURCES
 	cd src && python sdist --dist-dir $(RPMROOT)/SOURCES -v -v 
 dist: msgfmt
-	: cd src && python sdist --build-base=$(BUILDDIR) \
+	: cd src && \
+	: python sdist --build-base=$(BUILDDIR) \
 	   --dist-dir SOURCES -v -v $X
 	test -d $(RPMROOT)/SOURCES || mkdir -p $(RPMROOT)/SOURCES
 	cd src && tar czvf $(RPMROOT)/SOURCES/$(PKG).tgz *.py *.cfg *.txt *.spec $(PKG)/
 	ls -l $(RPMROOT)/SOURCES/$(PKG).tgz
-	@ version=`cat $(SPECNAME).spec | sed -e '/define _version/!d' -e 's/.*_version //'` \
+	@ version=`cat src/$(SPECNAME).spec | sed -e '/define _version/!d' -e 's/.*_version //'` \
 	; echo mv $(RPMROOT)/SOURCES/$(PKG).tgz $(RPMROOT)/SOURCES/$(PKG)-$$version.tgz \
 	;      mv $(RPMROOT)/SOURCES/$(PKG).tgz $(RPMROOT)/SOURCES/$(PKG)-$$version.tgz
 	test -d $(RPMROOT)/SPECS || mkdir $(RPMROOT)/SPECS
 	- test -d $(BUILDDIR)/$(PKG) && rm -rf $(BUILDDIR)/*
 	cp src/$(SPECNAME).spec $(RPMROOT)/SPECS/$(SPECNAME).spec
-	revision=`hg summary| sed -e '/parent:/!d' -e 's/parent: *//' -e 's/:.*//'` \
+	revision=`LANG=C hg summary| sed -e '/parent:/!d' -e 's/parent: *//' -e 's/:.*//'` \
 	; if [ -n "$$revision" ]; then set -x \
 	;   sed -i -e "s/revision 0/revision $$revision/"  $(RPMROOT)/SPECS/$(SPECNAME).spec \
 	; else today=`date +%Y%m%d` \
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