trac-dvbcronrecording-plugin / src / documentation.txt


This TracPlugin maintains a database of recordings.
Upon "Activate!" it creates a recording script. 
The actual recording is performed by a tuning the
LinuxDVB device started by a CronTab call.

There are a few extensions like detection of overlap,
the definition of secondary recording times to use,
and a few other tricks. Having a web UI eases the
handling considerably.


The system grew out of some local command-line scripts
that would convert a list of recording times, channel
info and program title into a matching recording script
along with a CronTab entry. Transforming it into a
TracPlugin allows for easier installation on a remote
recorder box as well as sharing the recorder by 
multiple persons with just a web access to the recorder

This script / plugin is in no way comparable to the
advanced multi-media stations like MythTV and LinVDR
but on the other hand it is far easier to install.
Especially the remote setup (backend setup) of the
mentioned solutions is not quite easy - their code
assumes that the recorder box is in the living room
whereas I would assume the recorder box to be in some
server room where its noise does not interfere with living.

Obviously, I don't watch TV very often and sadly the
most interesting programs run at times where I have
better things to do. But a CronEntry can help with that.


* only tested with DVB-S (satellite), it is probably
  not easy to be used for other digital broadcasting types. 
* the code is prepared to tune multiple cards but that
  feature is broken upon first release 
* the code is prepared for localization but while it
  speaks English in the code the user interface is
  stuck on German. Sorry.
So, I could really need some help with this - it is
feature complete for my own usage but if you need 
another feature done then please don't ask - just send
patches (or "pull requests" pointing to your public code).
I publish this code so that you have a good start for
your own ideas.