trac-dvbcronrecording-plugin / src / dvbcronrecording / templates / paginator_datalist.html

<div class="paginator"
<py:when test="datalist.has_more_pages">
  <ul class="pages">
    <li py:for="pagenum in xrange(datalist.num_pages)">
    <span class="${pagenum == and 'selected' or ''}">
      <a href="${href(req.path_info)}?_pagenum=${pagenum}&amp;_pagesize=${_pagesize}&amp;${_selection}">${pagenum+1}</a>
   <ul class="pagesizes">
    <li py:for="max_per_page in [10,25,200,1000, datalist.num_items]">
    <span class="${max_per_page == datalist.max_per_page and 'selected' or ''}" py:if="datalist.num_items >= max_per_page">
      <span py:if="datalist.num_items == max_per_page">${_(' of ')}</span>
      <a href="${href(req.path_info)}?_pagenum=${ * datalist.max_per_page / max_per_page}&amp;_pagesize=${max_per_page}&amp;${_selection}">${max_per_page}</a>
   (${ngettext("%(n)s entry", "%(n)s entries", datalist.num_items, n = datalist.num_items )})
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