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+| [[Description|=>]] | //[[DvbCronRecordingUsage|English Description]]// |  **[[DvbCronRecordingBedienung|Deutsche Beschreibung]]** |
+= DvbCronRecording Usage =
+Remember that you need to press "Activate" to generate the crontab entries. The default 
+assumes that it should not write the /etc/cron.d/* files directly (you need to copy 
+the {{{ dvbcronrecording-update-change.cron }}} to 
+{{{ /etc/cron.d/dvbcronrecording-update-change.cron }}} 
+once to allow it work) but you can also use a config
+item in the admin panel to select that it should be written directly.
+Note that the system grew out of some local command-line scripts that would convert a 
+list of recording times, channel info and program title into a matching recording script 
+along with a Crontab entry. Transforming it into a Trac-Plugin allows for easier 
+installation on a remote recorder box as well as sharing the recorder by multiple 
+persons with just a web access to the recorder box. This script / plugin is in no 
+way comparable to the advanced multi-media stations like MythTV and LinVDR but on the 
+other hand it is far easier to install.
+== Installation ==
+The only complex part is in the DvbCronRecordingInstallation - the actual usage of 
+trac plugin should be quite obvious.
+== Activate! ==
+You can add new recording entries in the recording list as you wish. However remember 
+that any of those changes will NOT change the recorder configuration immediately - instead 
+you need to press "Activate!" to have update the cron recording files.
+Each entry has a "prio" attribute to select the priority. This is used so that you 
+can have some regular recordings of low importance while you just add a blockbuster movie 
+with higher priority. If the two recording entries overlap the the entry with lower 
+priority will be shortened or removed. You can see the resulting real recording times 
+by looking at the button "recording plan".
+The normal setup assumes you are recording a series - for a single blockbuster movie be 
+sure to enter a "date" so that the recording will only be run on a single day. The date 
+is give just be day-and-month (no year!) since cron would not understand a year 
+description anyway.
+The "extra time" is the usual style with non-government TV stations which usually start 
+a little later then announced the end of the broadcast is a little later than announced 
+as well. So if you do not want to miss the end of the blockbuster video then be sure to 
+add a few minutes. 
+== Further Development ==
+The plugin is prepared to manage multiple DVB cards with some channels being even 
+present on multiple input cards. But that does not work at the moment - you need to give 
+the same channel a different name for a different input feed and you need to explicitly 
+set the input channel for a recording entry.
+The "extra time" feature was meant that the recording start/end times may be synchronized 
+with a TV station list while the extra time would stay. However that synchronization with 
+an external time source is not in place here.
+== Permissions ==
+Note that the plugin has quite a number of permission options - may be you do not want 
+some family members to just erase stuff. This can be configured including the option that 
+some access is read-only (or "view-only"). However the initial situation that access is
+forbidden for everyone and the main task of trac administration
+revolves around granting permissions to new (non-admin) users.