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 | [[Description|=>]] | //[[DvbCronRecordingUsage|English Description]]// |  **[[DvbCronRecordingBedienungsanleitung|Deutsche Beschreibung]]** |
-= DvbCronRecording Usage =
+== DvbCronRecording Usage =
 Remember that you need to press "Activate" to generate the crontab entries. The default 
 assumes that it should not write the /etc/cron.d/* files directly (you need to copy 
 way comparable to the advanced multi-media stations like MythTV and LinVDR but on the 
 other hand it is far easier to install.
-== Installation ==
+=== Installation ==
 The only complex part is in the DvbCronRecordingInstallation - the actual usage of 
 trac plugin should be quite obvious.
-== Activate! ==
+=== Activate! ==
 You can add new recording entries in the recording list as you wish. However remember 
 that any of those changes will NOT change the recorder configuration immediately - instead 
 as well. So if you do not want to miss the end of the blockbuster video then be sure to 
 add a few minutes. 
-== Further Development ==
+=== Further Development ==
 The plugin is prepared to manage multiple DVB cards with some channels being even 
 present on multiple input cards. But that does not work at the moment - you need to give 
 with a TV station list while the extra time would stay. However that synchronization with 
 an external time source is not in place here.
-== Permissions ==
+=== Permissions ==
 Note that the plugin has quite a number of permission options - may be you do not want 
 some family members to just erase stuff. This can be configured including the option that 
 some access is read-only (or "view-only"). However the initial situation that access is
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