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config options for iniadmin

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File hgdirmanager/

 from trac.web import IRequestHandler, HTTPNotFound
 from import ITemplateProvider, add_warning, add_notice
 from trac.versioncontrol.api import IRepositoryProvider, RepositoryManager
+from trac.config import PathOption, BoolOption, Option
 import os, os.path
 from string import ascii_lowercase, digits
     """Provides Mercurial repositories from a directory."""
+    basepath = PathOption('hgdir', 'base_path', '/srv/hg',
+        doc="The base directory path where repositories are created")
+    recurse = BoolOption('hgdir', 'recurse', False,
+        doc="Whether to search for repositories below the base directory")
+    url_prefix = Option('hgdir', 'url_prefix',
+        doc="Where the repository is shown on the web frontend")
     # IRepositoryProvider
     def get_repositories(self):