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Gophrier is a gopher protocol server.

Gophrier has been tested, should be working and is supported on
the following platforms:
* Ubuntu GNU/Linux (but any GNU/Linux distribution should be ok)
* FreeBSD
* NetBSD
* Debian/kFreeBSD

Gophrier may be working on other Unix like systems.

Gophrier requires CMake (at least 2.8) to compile. You can grab
it from or use the package provided by your

* fetch the latest version from
* untar the distribution package (well, that should be already done
  if you're reading this)
* cd to the newly created directory
* cmake .
* make

You can install Gophrier to your system too, just be aware that
Gophrier doesn't provides a way to uninstall.

* make install

* either read "./gophrier -h", "man -l doc/gophrier.1" or both
* edit configuration files
* run gophrier
* enjoy :)

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