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Guillaume Piot 663d115 

from django.db import models
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
import datetime

now =
today =, month=now.month,

class poll(models.Model):
	question =	 models.CharField(_('Question'),max_length=250)
	answers =	models.TextField(_('Answers'), help_text=_('Please enter one answer per line.'))
	publish_date = models.DateField(_('Publish date'))
	publish =	models.BooleanField(_("Publish"),max_length=1)

	def __unicode__(self):
		return u'%s' % (self.question)
	class Meta:
		verbose_name  = 'Poll'
		verbose_name_plural = 'Polls'
	def get_answers(self):
		answers = self.answers.splitlines(True)
		a_list = []
		for a in answers:
			a_list.append((i, a.strip()))
			i = i+1

		return a_list
	def get_answers_stat(self):
		import operator
		from decimal import *
		answers = self.answers.splitlines(True)
		a_list = []
		for a in answers:
			stat = poll_submission.objects.filter(poll_ref=self, answer_id=str(i))
			a_list.append((i, a.strip(), len(stat)))
			i = i+1
		final_list = sorted(a_list, key=operator.itemgetter(2), reverse=True)
		#repreocess the list using the highest value to generate pro-rata for bar graph
		highest = final_list[0][2]
		#Enter the div of the width containing the bar graph
		div_width = 200
		final_list2 = []

		for a in answers:
			if highest > 0:
				width = Decimal(final_list[i][2])/Decimal(highest) * Decimal(div_width)
				width = Decimal(width).quantize(Decimal('1.'))
				i = i+1 
		return final_list2
	def published(self):
		if self.publish == False:
			return False
		if self.publish_date > today:
			return False
		return True	 

class poll_submission(models.Model):
	poll_ref = models.ForeignKey(poll)
	answer_id = models.CharField(_('Answer id'),max_length=10)
	answer_text = models.CharField(_('Answer text'),max_length=250)
	submit_date = models.DateTimeField(_('Submit date'), auto_now=True)

	def __unicode__(self):
		return u'%s' % (self.question)
	class Meta:
		verbose_name  = 'Poll submission'
		verbose_name_plural = 'Polls submissions'