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        // Installation Notes //

    ~ Requirements

        In order to run this django web site, you need to install the following

            - easy_install
            - virtualenv
            - pip

        Make sure you've met these requirements before you proceed with the
        next steps.

    ~ Getting Started

        Make sure to perform the following steps from a command line inside
        this project's root folder (stindex).

        * Create and activate a new virtual environment like so:

            1) virtualenv venv
            2) venv/Scripts/activate.bat

        * Then set up the database and run the test server:

            1) INSTALL.BAT (follow the on-screen instructions)
            2) RUNSERVER.BAT

    ~ Adding Repositories

        At the moment, only repositories are supported.

    ~ Resetting The Project

        Do this if you want to recreate the database.

            1) RESET.BAT
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