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Welcome to Gummworld2

Gummworld2 is a pygame framework for a scrolling game, where the map is larger than the display. It emphasizes simplicity and performance.

Gummworld2 offers more robust physics than its predecessor, Gummworld. Where Gummworld relied solely upon pygame's small geometry set, Gummworld2 provides a fast spatialhash container with built-in, non-axis aligned collision detection between polygons, circles, lines, and pygame Rects. This allows irregularly shaped rooms, passages and objects to interact with a good approximation of realism.

Gummworld2 also seeks to simplify the map's role, as well as keep the map contents and dynamic game objects more open and flexible; which is to say, more of a container to manage the miscellaneous things, and less of a rigid system for defining and using them. Thus, the library is less engine-like while hopefully posing a low learning curve and offering more freedom in building game systems and variety of games.

The pygame project page is here.

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Sep 2013: For Pyweek 17 Gumm went solo, going for a relaxing casual shooter. I wasn't gonna to compete, but as the week passed and while talking to DR0ID in IRC one day I got an itch. :) I started coding Thu and spent two days whipping out Harvest Moon. It was like a spontaneous vacation.

Aug-Sep 2013: Somewheres in the fall I made a Terraria-like demo called Gummcraft to exercise the new map renderer. It exceeded my expectations.

May 2012: The original core members of team Multifac are back together for Pyweek 14 in Lunatic's Arsenal. Much silly fun was had.

Sep 2011: Team Multifac meets again in Pyweek 13 for Shroom Gobbler, and 2.5D game in which DR0ID learned how to make 3D-rendered animations for the game. It was a great challenge.

May 2011: Vocab Extreme, a solo entry in Pyggy July 2011, uses Gummworld2. The library got me off to an easy start, even though it is not a scrolling game.

April 2011: Gummworld2 was used in Team Multiverse Factory's (Multifac) two projects for PyWeek 12: