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Ben Hayden  committed d4ca227

Adding get_or_create() method to MakoPlugin

This method raises a NotImplementedError currently. I also
updated some documentation for the plugin.

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File dogpile/cache/plugins/mako_cache.py

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     from mako.lookup import TemplateLookup
     my_regions = {
-        "local":make_region(
+        "local":make_region().configure(
-        "memcached":make_region(
+        "memcached":make_region().configure(
 Mako tag which accepts it, in conjunction with the name of the desired region
 as the ``cache_region`` argument::
-    <%def name="mysection()" cached=True cache_region="memcached">
+    <%def name="mysection()" cached="True" cache_region="memcached">
         some content that's cached
     def get_and_replace(self, key, creation_function, **kw):
         return self._get_region(**kw).get_or_create(key, creation_function)
+    def get_or_create(self, key, creation_function, **kw):
+        return self.get_and_replace(key, creation_function, **kw)
     def put(self, key, value, **kw):
         self._get_region(**kw).put(key, value)