Mike Bayer avatar Mike Bayer committed f487f9e

added some ORDER BYs to appease the ever picky postgres

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         oalias = orders.alias('o1')
         ialias = items.alias('i1')
-        query = users.outerjoin(oalias).outerjoin(order_items).outerjoin(ialias).select(use_labels=True)
+        query = users.outerjoin(oalias).outerjoin(order_items).outerjoin(ialias).select(use_labels=True).order_by(users.c.id).order_by(oalias.c.id).order_by(ialias.c.id)
         q = create_session().query(User)
         # test using string alias with more than one level deep
         def go():
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