Sports Store

A sports online store demo where the challenge was to NOT use any CSS framework. Written in rails.


Run the following, make sure you have the header libraries of native components because postgres and nokogiri for instance require those:

bundle install


We are using dotenv for configuration of the application. Basically you have .env files, one per environment if you want like .env.development, or .env.test for testing, if you just have .env it will override others.

Take a look at the included .env.example file for the required values and change them, then rename the file accordingly to .env.development for instance. Note you also need a .env.test to run the tests.


After installing everything and setting up the environment make sure you create the database:

rake db:reset

And that's it, now you can run it with the usual:

rails server


Prepare test database:

RAILS_ENV=test rake db:drop db:create db:migrate

Run tests:

RAILS_ENV=test rake test