Wallet API

This is a sample application written in ruby on rails to showcase a demo of an e-wallet REST API where customers can transfer money between wallets or deposit/withdraw to a credit or debit card.


This application uses the usual suspects: ruby, rails and postgres. There are no specific requirements other than running a recent version of ruby, preferably one above 2.1


We are using dotenv to manage settings locally and for testing, that way we can simply reference ENV['VARIABLE'] within our code. There is an included env.example file that you can use as a base to modify it for your own settings. Use a .env.development for development and .env.test for testing.

Once you setup the env vars do the usual dance:

bundle install
rails db:drop db:create db:migrate

If you want some test data make sure you also seed the database:

rails db:seed

To create a bunch of test users and the ranges for fees.





rails server

That's it!