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Changelog for six

This file lists the changes in each six version.

Development version

- Issue #81: Add six.urllib.request.splittag mapping.

- Issue #80: Add six.urllib.request.splituser mapping.


- Issue #77: Fix import six on Python 3.4 with a custom loader.

- Issue #74: six.moves.xmlrpc_server should map to SimpleXMLRPCServer on Python
  2 as documented not xmlrpclib.


- Issue #72: Fix installing on Python 2.


- Issue #71: Make the six.moves meta path importer handle reloading of the six
  module gracefully.


- Pull request #30: Implement six.moves with a PEP 302 meta path hook.

- Pull request #32: Add six.wraps, which is like functools.wraps but always sets
  the __wrapped__ attribute.

- Pull request #35: Improve add_metaclass, so that it doesn't end up inserting
  another class into the hierarchy.

- Pull request #34: Add import mappings for dummy_thread.

- Pull request #33: Add import mappings for UserDict and UserList.

- Pull request #31: Select the implementations of dictionary iterator routines
  at import time for a 20% speed boost.


- Raise an AttributeError for six.moves.X when X is a module not available in
  the current interpreter.


- Raise an AttributeError for every attribute of unimportable modules.

- Issue #56: Make the fake modules six.moves puts into sys.modules appear not to
  have a __path__ unless they are loaded.

- Pull request #28: Add support for SplitResult.

- Issue #55: Add move mapping for xmlrpc.server.

- Pull request #29: Add move for urllib.parse.splitquery.


- Issue #53: Make the fake modules six.moves puts into sys.modules appear not to
  have a __name__ unless they are loaded.


- Issue #51: Hack around the Django autoreloader after recent six.moves changes.


- Removed support for Python 2.4. This is because py.test no longer supports

- Fix various import problems including issues #19 and #41. six.moves modules
  are now lazy wrappers over the underlying modules instead of the actual
  modules themselves.

- Issue #49: Add six.moves mapping for tkinter.ttk.

- Pull request #24: Add __dir__ special method to six.moves modules.

- Issue #47: Fix add_metaclass on classes with a string for the __slots__

- Issue #44: Fix interpretation of backslashes on Python 2 in the u() function.

- Pull request #21: Add import mapping for urllib's proxy_bypass function.

- Issue #43: Add import mapping for the Python 2 xmlrpclib module.

- Issue #39: Add import mapping for the Python 2 thread module.

- Issue #40: Add import mapping for the Python 2 gdbm module.

- Issue #35: On Python versions less than 2.7, print_ now encodes unicode
  strings when outputing to standard streams. (Python 2.7 handles this


- Issue #32: urllib module wrappings don't work when six is not a toplevel file.


- Issue #31: Add six.moves mapping for UserString.

- Pull request #12: Add six.add_metaclass, a decorator for adding a metaclass to
  a class.

- Add six.moves.zip_longest and six.moves.filterfalse, which correspond
  respectively to itertools.izip_longest and itertools.ifilterfalse on Python 2
  and itertools.zip_longest and itertools.filterfalse on Python 3.

- Issue #25: Add the unichr function, which returns a string for a Unicode

- Issue #26: Add byte2int function, which complements int2byte.

- Add a PY2 constant with obvious semantics.

- Add helpers for indexing and iterating over bytes: iterbytes and indexbytes.

- Add create_bound_method() wrapper.

- Issue #23: Allow multiple base classes to be passed to with_metaclass.

- Issue #24: Add six.moves.range alias. This exactly the same as the current
  xrange alias.

- Pull request #5: Create six.moves.urllib, which contains abstractions for a
  bunch of things which are in urllib in Python 3 and spread out across urllib,
  urllib2, and urlparse in Python 2.


- Issue #21: Add methods to access the closure and globals of a function.

- In six.iter(items/keys/values/lists), passed keyword arguments through to the
  underlying method.

- Add six.iterlists().

- Issue #20: Fix tests if tkinter is not available.

- Issue #17: Define callable to be builtin callable when it is available again
  in Python 3.2+.

- Issue #16: Rename Python 2 exec_'s arguments, so casually calling exec_ with
  keyword arguments will raise.

- Issue #14: Put the six.moves package in sys.modules based on the name six is
  imported under.

- Fix Jython detection.

- Pull request #4: Add email_mime_multipart, email_mime_text, and
  email_mime_base to six.moves.


- Issue #13: Make iterkeys/itervalues/iteritems return iterators on Python 3
  instead of iterables.

- Issue #11: Fix maxsize support on Jython.

- Add as an alias for six.advance_iterator().

- Use the builtin next() function for advance_iterator() where is available
  (2.6+), not just Python 3.

- Add the Iterator class for writing portable iterators.


- Add the int2byte function.

- Add compatibility mappings for iterators over the keys, values, and items of a

- Fix six.MAXSIZE on platforms where sizeof(long) != sizeof(Py_ssize_t).

- Issue #3: Add six.moves mappings for filter, map, and zip.


- Issue #2: u() on Python 2.x now resolves unicode escapes.

- Expose an API for adding mappings to six.moves.

1.0 beta 1

- Reworked six into one .py file.  This breaks imports.  Please tell me if you
  are interested in an import compatibility layer.