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+Achievements.el is meant to be a fun way to learn about Emacs.  There
+is so much to learn about Emacs, that it can be quite daunting.  Using
+an achievements system can hopefully make it fun.  Achievements.el
+definitely doesn't take itself too seriously.
+It is in a very rough state and any help is appreciated.  Especially,
+since no single person can know everything about Emacs,
+achievements.el will need contributions by many people to be really
+useful.  So if you have ideas, send a pull request, open an issue, or
+just spread the word.
+I was introduced to the idea by
+[this reddit discussion](http://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/ook6a/does_something_like_this_exist_for_emacs/)
+[a similar feature for Visual Studio](http://channel9.msdn.com/achievements/visualstudio).
+A few days ago I started thinking about achievements.el again.  I
+couldn't stop thinking about it, and sometimes the only way for me to
+move on is to start working on it.  So there you have it.