Ivan Andrus avatar Ivan Andrus committed 90dc9f2

Fixed embarrassing bug in achievements-update-score

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   (let ((score 0)
         (total 0))
     (dolist (achievement achievements-list)
-      (let ((points (emacs-achievement-points achievement))
-            (pred (emacs-achievement-predicate achievement)))
+      (let ((points (emacs-achievement-points achievement)))
         (incf total points)
         (when (achievements-earned-p achievement)
-          (incf achievement-score points)
+          (incf score points)
           (unless (emacs-achievement-transient achievement)
             (setf (emacs-achievement-predicate achievement) t)))))
   ;; Save the updated list of achievements
-  (achievement-save-achievements)
+  (achievements-save-achievements)
   (setq achievement-total total)
   (setq achievement-score score)))
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