Fuco  committed e6393d1

Add "ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED:" to the message, also change the output slightly.
Remove needless punctuation from achievements ending in '.'

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File achievements-functions.el

 (defun achievements-earned-message (achievement)
   "Display the message when an achievement is earned."
-  (message "You earned the %s achievement!"
+  (message "ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: You've earned the `%s' achievement!"
            (emacs-achievement-name achievement)))
 (defun achievements-update-score ()

File basic-achievements.el

   "You learned new things by using `%s'."
-  ((help-for-help "First things first.")
-   (help-with-tutorial "Show me the way.") ;; Also one if finished the tutorial
+  ((help-for-help "First things first")
+   (help-with-tutorial "Show me the way") ;; Also one if finished the tutorial
    (info-emacs-manual "RTFM")
    (view-echo-area-messages "Log Auditor")
    (view-emacs-FAQ "FAQ")
   "You have installed and enjoyed `%s'."
   ((emstar "Um, Star?" )
    (fliptext-flip-region "Can you read upside down?")
-   (nethack "Hack, hack, hack.")
+   (nethack "Hack, hack, hack")
    (nyan-mode "Nyan, Nyan, Nyan"))
   :min-score 100)