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Is it even working?

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I installed the package from MELPA., added (require 'achievements-functions) to .emacs, but it didn't work. I even ran achievements-mode with no effect (except the mode line label). There's an achievement for using the package itself listed in the basic-achievements.el file, however I didn't get that one.

Am I doing it wrong? Is the documentation up to date?

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  1. Ivan Andrus repo owner

    Ah, dang it. I just realized that I forgot to add one of the files to the repository. Anyway, give it a shot when the new package shows up on MELPA, or in the meantime try (require 'basic-achievements). Normally if you install from MELPA you shouldn't have to require anything, but that's what the file I forgot to add does (require achievements-functions and basic-achievements).

    Sorry, and thanks for the report!

  2. katspaugh reporter

    Hi, Ivan! Thanks for the quick action & reply. Unfortunately, I still can't seem to run it. I've included this to my  .emacs:

    (require 'achievements)

    And it says:

    Symbol's function definition is void: achievements-init
  3. Ivan Andrus repo owner

    Sorry. I think this might have been fixed by a change I made for Issue #4. At least it works for me now, but I thought I had tested it before, so maybe it won't work for you.

    Thanks, Ivan

  4. Ivan Andrus repo owner

    Thanks unhammer. I've made it so that (require 'achievements) will be called on your behalf when running achievements-mode and friends. It should appear on MELPA "shortly". Let me know if it doesn't work.

  5. unhammer

    achievements-load-achievements: Recursive require' for featureachievements'

    Why not make the autoload be (autoload 'achievements-mode "achievements") instead of (autoload 'achievements-mode "achievements-functions")?

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