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I installed the package from MELPA., added (require 'achievements-functions) to .emacs, but it didn't work. I even ran achievements-mode with no effect (except the mode line label). There's an achievement for using the package itself listed in the basic-achievements.el file, however I didn't get that one.

Am I doing it wrong? Is the documentation up to date?

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  1. Ivan Andrus repo owner

    Ah, dang it. I just realized that I forgot to add one of the files to the repository. Anyway, give it a shot when the new package shows up on MELPA, or in the meantime try (require 'basic-achievements). Normally if you install from MELPA you shouldn't have to require anything, but that's what the file I forgot to add does (require achievements-functions and basic-achievements).

    Sorry, and thanks for the report!

  2. katspaugh reporter

    Hi, Ivan! Thanks for the quick action & reply. Unfortunately, I still can't seem to run it.
    I've included this to my  .emacs:

    (require 'achievements)

    And it says:

    Symbol's function definition is void: achievements-init
  3. Ivan Andrus repo owner

    Sorry. I think this might have been fixed by a change I made for Issue #4. At least it works for me now, but I thought I had tested it before, so maybe it won't work for you.


  4. Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

    achievements-load-achievements: Recursive require' for featureachievements'

    Why not make the autoload be (autoload 'achievements-mode "achievements") instead of (autoload 'achievements-mode "achievements-functions")?

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