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Issue #4 resolved

autoloads are broken

Anonymous created an issue

Hi Ivan,

The call to "achievements-init" is autoloaded via an ";;;###autoload" cookie, and this causes all of "achievements" to be loaded when the autoloads file is loaded at emacs start-up time, whether or not the user wants to use the package.

Apart from being undesirable, this can also cause initialization to fail, because other packages needed by achievements may not have been added to the load-path yet, or had their autoloads evaluated.

I imagine the solution is to just call achievements-init from the top level, but not autoload that call.

-Steve Purcell (don't have a bitbucket account, sorry)

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  1. Ivan Andrus repo owner

    This was actually intentional, but you're right, I probably shouldn't do it without the user's permission. And I also hadn't thought about the order packages might be loaded in. I have just removed the autoload cookie.

    Thanks for the report and sorry to make you debug this.

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