Ivan Andrus  committed 7640447

Fixed major breakage in Emacs 23

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      (2 'font-lock-doc-string-face t))
     ("^##\\s +\\(.*\\)"
      1 'font-lock-doc-string-face t)
-    ;; TODO: could use an eval form to scan the buffer for function
-    ;; declarations and mark them...
     ;; These are for interactive gap use.  Technically should probably
     ;; only be for gap-process-mode, but they shouldn't show up in a
 ;; TODO: make beginning/end-of-block commands
+(unless (fboundp 'prog-mode) (defalias 'prog-mode 'fundamental-mode))
 (define-derived-mode gap-mode prog-mode "GAP"
   "Major mode for writing GAP programs.  The following keys are defined: