Ivan Andrus  committed aee6a97

Changed gap to start in a different window

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File gap-process.el

           (setq proc (get-buffer-process gap-process-buffer))
           (set-process-filter proc 'gap-startfile-filter)
           (comint-send-string proc "\n")))
-    (switch-to-buffer gap-process-buffer)))
+    (pop-to-buffer gap-process-buffer)))
 (define-derived-mode gap-process-mode comint-mode "Gap"
   "Major mode for interacting with GAP.
     (cond ((not (comint-check-proc buffname))
            (let ((buff (get-buffer-create buffname)))
              (set-buffer buff)
-             (switch-to-buffer buff)
+             (display-buffer buff)
              (if dir (cd dir))
              (apply 'make-comint name progm startfile args)))
-           (switch-to-buffer buffname)
+           (display-buffer buffname)
            (get-buffer buffname)))))
 (defun string-strip-chars (string strip)