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Attila Egri-Nagy
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Is there a command for switching off the electric things? I like indenting lines by hitting tab, but I find auto-indentation a bit annoying. I would like to have a command that I could put into the .emacs file.

Also similarly to set the indentation size. I use 2 instead of 4.

Thanks a lot! @

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  1. Ivan Andrus repo owner

    If you run `M-x customize-group RET gap RET` you can see all of the (easily changeable) variables. There you can turn off the electric equals, percent, and semicolon individually. You can also turn off gap-pre-return-indent and gap-post-return-indent there. I could probably add a method of disabling all of them at the same if you think that would be useful, but I'm not convinced at the moment. You can also change gap-indent-step there. If you prefer to not use customize you can add

    (setq gap-indent-step 2 gap-pre-return-indent nil gap-post-return-indent nil)

    to an appropriate hook or eval-after-load block.

    If this solution is not satisfactory, feel free to reopen the ticket (or create a new one if you prefer).

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