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I have emacs-24.2.1 on Ubuntu-12.10 with GAP-4.6.4.

I have copied the required files to my .emacs.d/lisp directory and set the path in .emacs directory.

After M-x gap, I get the following error and GAP is not started. error in process filter: cond: Symbol's value as variable is void: comint-last-output-start error in process filter: Symbol's value as variable is void: comint-last-output-start And then in the GAP buffer: Process GAP exited abnormally with code 1

After little digging I realized that this is a problem with comin.el which is an old version. So I updated it from the latest version of emacs at And now it works perfectly.

As I understand one of the command in your comint.el (make-local-hook) is obsolete in emacs-24.

Hope this reporting helps.

Regards VInay Wagh

P.S. I am attaching the updated comint.wl file for your reference.

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  1. Ivan Andrus repo owner

    gap-mode hasn't distributed comint.el for a long time now. Unfortunately, I think the version of gap-mode distributed with GAP is very old. You can install the latest version via MELPA if that's convenient, or "manually" by getting the latest from this repository. I think there used to be a link to download a tar file (if you don't want to clone the repository), but I'm not sure where it is now.

    Anyway, thanks for reporting the issue and feel free to reopen it or create a new issue if the new version of gap-mode doesn't take care of it.

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