Steve Losh avatar Steve Losh committed 065e9fb

Add the topindex keyword from Justin Lebar.

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         if _get_filter('quiet', g) and not len(q.series):
             return ''
-        if _get_filter('applied', g):
+        if _get_filter('topindex', g):
+            if len(q.applied):
+                out = str(len(q.applied) - 1)
+            else:
+                out = ''
+        elif _get_filter('applied', g):
             out = str(len(q.applied))
         elif _get_filter('unapplied', g):
             out = str(len(q.unapplied(repo)))
             ')*': _node,
-            '(\|applied)'
+            '(\|topindex)'
+            '|(\|applied)'
          Display the number of patches in the queue.
+     |topindex
+         Display (zero-based) index of the topmost applied patch in the series
+         list (as displayed by :hg:`qtop -v`, or the empty string if no patch
+         is applied.
          Display the number of currently applied patches in the queue.
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