Nanowrimo mode


It the month of November countless people write 50,000 words as a part of Nanowrimo. It's no surprise that consistency and motivation are key ingredients to success. This mode is meant to help provide feedback on progress and, by showing current speed, perhaps even a little motivation.

This mode adds to the modeline a wordcount, words per minute, and an estimate of how long you will have to continue writing to meet the day's goal.

Feedback and feature requests are welcome, as are pull requests.


Installation is easiest performed via MELPA. You can also download it, add it's path to load-path and (require 'nanowrimo).


After installation simply type, M-x nanowrimo-mode RET and the current word count will appear in the modeline. Moreover, the words per minute of the current session will also appear as well as an estimate of when you will meet today's goal, as set by nanowrimo-today-goal. When you are done writing simply turn it off with by typing M-x nanowrimo-mode RET again.

If you wish to not show the current WPM or the estimate their display can be turned off, and a few other settings changed via customize:

(customize-group 'nanowrimo)

If you wish to change the way words are counted please you can customize nanowrimo-count-words-function. By default all words (as defined by forward-word) are counted unless you are in org mode and have org-wc installed. In this case, only the current subtree is counted with the thought that you will create a subtree for each day. In addition, org-mode markup like drawers are ignored when counting words.

With org-mode

If you use org-mode, you can run M-x nanowrimo-insert-org-table RET to insert a table which will track progress throughout nanowrimo and give you a score. The table is from Bob Newell, and can be used to set nanowrimo-today-goal automatically. Simply customize nanowrimo-today-goal-calculation-function.

There is also a redacted export which can be used to create an anonymous version of your novel for submitting to the word count fairies.