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Sage iPhone app


This iPhone app is a simple interface to the Sage computer algebra system. The latest released version can be found on the iOS app store.

This is a lightweight alternative to the Sage online notebook Sage online notebook designed for quick calculations. Network connectivity is required to perform calculations, but results are stored on the device for offline perusal and can be easily emailed to colleagues. Several buttons are added to the keyboard to simplify text input.

Bugs and Feature Resquests

If you have ideas for improvements or wish to report a bug you may do so on bitbucket. Not every idea I have for improvement is located there, but I plan to move more and more there as time goes on.


The Sage iPhone app uses the JSONKit library under the BSD license and is itself released under the same license.


If you want to work on the Sage iPhone app you will need access to Xcode. Check out the source code or download an archive file and unpack it. Open iSage.xcodeproj and then build, it should download the latest version of JSONKit automatically.

Recent activity

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