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Issue #10 wontfix

Design Sage -app around Workflow

Henri Losoi
created an issue

Workflow contains fast note-taking-sharing-OCR -app and writing -app. The note-taking -app does not exist yet but good ideas [1]. I would like to see Sage more like "mathematica" but more note-taking-oriented in iPad hence [1] and more LaTeX -oriented, automatic-export-to-LaTeX -etc and easy TeX -preprosessors needed [2].

Workflow Outline

  1. Sage -computation and writing -- perhaps integrated to TeX Writer -app (?)

  2. TODO -- perhaps integrated to GoodReader and Appigo Todo -app (?)

  3. Note-taking -app (this does not exist yet)

Perhaps related

[1] https://twitter.com/heoaLov/status/257928328772730882

[2] http://mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/13010/dump-many-equations-from-mathematica-to-latex-without-manual-adjusting/13012#13012

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